“The Lenny Breau Show – Winnipeg 1966”
Songs include:
– 00:00 “Downtown” (with Yvette Shaw, Karen Marklinger, Judi Singh)
– 02:48 “Gotta Move” Karen Marklinger
– 04:55 “There’s A Boat That’s Leavin’ To New York” (with Judi Singh)
– 08:00 “Night Train”
– 10:55 “I Can’t Sit Down” (with vocals)
– 13:24 “Let’s Go Where The Grass Is Greener” (with Judi Singh)
– 15:15 “West Coast Blues” (with vocals)
– 17:24 “Yesterday”
– 21:21 ?
– 23:08 “Anyplace I Hang My Hat” (with Yvette Shaw, Karen Marklinger, Judi Singh)

Probably the greatest jazz guitarist Canada has ever produced, Lenny Breau was the centre of this musical variety show from Winnipeg. It ran on the network for a few weeks in Summer 1966. The program also featured an orchestra conducted by Bob McMullin as well as tore female singers

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“Georgia On My Mind”

“Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”


“Freight Train”  (1982)  Master Class

“Visions” (1982)

“Georgia On My Mind”   (1961)
with Dave Young(b), Wayne Finucan(d)

“Funny Man”

“You Needed Me”

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